Are you ready to find your next best friend with Tiny N Tall Rescue?!

If you are interested in adopting from us, please read our adoption requirements & our adoption process below, before filling out an application.


TNT's Adoption Requirements:

  • Out of State Adoptions: We DO adopt out of state, however, The applicant, ALL resident dogs,  AND anyone that is living in the home, must be present to meet the dog at the meet and greet, and the must be able to transport the dog to its new home. NO EXCEPTIONS. We are based out of Saint Charles, IL. and All of our available dogs are in foster homes throughout the state of Illinois. 

  • Everyone living in your household must be in agreement on adopting.

  • Must have any approval needed by either a Landlord or Association.

  • The Adopter must be at least 21 years of age.

  • We do not adopt our dogs out to be livestock guarding dogs or outside dogs. 

  • Must go through adoption approval process by TNT before meeting our adoptable dogs.   


Requirements for ALL resident dogs in the home: 

  •  All resident dogs must be spayed/neutered by 6 months old. If they have a medical condition that prevents it, we will need a note from your vet. Please call your vet and have this note on hand for us. 

  • All resident dogs must be up to date on: 

          • Rabies Vaccine 

          • DHLPP vaccine​

          • Monthly Flea and Tick prevention

          • Monthly Heartworm Prevention

          (We will make exceptions for certain circumstances at TNT's discretion)

  • All resident cats must be up to date on Rabies Vaccine


Our Adoption Process:

  1. Fill out and submit our adoption application.

  2. One of our Volunteer's will start by reaching out to conduct your personal phone interview, they will also check your vet reference and personal references.

  3. The application process typically takes about 5-7 days, from start to finish. Please remember, we are volunteers, so be patient. 

  4. Once all of that is completed, and your application has been approved to adopt from TNT, you will receive an approval email.


*Please Note:

**We do not adopt out siblings unless stated otherwise that they are a bonded pair.



After your Application is Approved:

**Our number one goal is to make sure the home that is chosen, is the best fit for that specific dog.  Your application will be forwarded for review to the foster home of the dog you have applied for about  1-2 weeks before they are ready for adoption. *Please note that when a dog is being shown on our website and Facebook, this does not automatically mean they are ready for adoption.  We require all dogs to be on a minimum of 1-2 week intake hold. Many times this hold can be longer to insure the dog is healthy enough, and behaviorally ready for their furever home. 


Please be patient and the foster home will contact you when the dog is almost ready for adoption. We take multiple applications per dog, and the foster home will be looking over all of the approved interested applicants to see which family may be the right fit for the TNT doggie. They will then decide who to set up a meet and greet with. Everyone who lives in the household must be present for the meet and greet. If you have a dog, that dog must also be present at the time of meeting. If the meet and greet goes well for everyone, you can adopt the dog that day and take them to their new furever home!! We accept credit card/debit card ONLY for form of payment for the adoption fee donation. 


If you have ANY questions about the process or even after, please email

What is included in the adoption fee?

All of Tiny N Tall’s adoptable dogs will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption (unless they are too young or for health reasons, in which case we will have a spay/neuter contract), up to date on all age appropriate vaccines, microchip with tag and free lifetime registration, 4dx heartworm and tickborn disease tested, a new collar & leash, a Tiny N Tall id tag on collar, and a “Welcome to your New Home” Tiny N Tall Rescue reusable bag that includes: a bag of their current food to help you transition them, 1 Kong toy, a blanket, a bag of treats, any of their favorite toys they had while in foster care, 30 days free pet insurance, and an adoption info packet with coupons, and tips that will help you and your new furry family member transition smoothly into their new home!

We ask that you bring your new family member to your family vet within 2 weeks (10 business days) after adoption for your own examination.

* Heartworm Positive Dogs

TNT Dogs that are Heartworm Positive and currently receiving or still needing Heartworm Treatment, Tiny N Tall Rescue, Inc. will cover all heartworm treatment medical costs after adoption. The adopter IS responsible for transporting the adopted dog to and from the Vet Office for all appointments. We use 3 vet offices for the heartworm treatment. The vet offices are located in Hoffman Estates, IL., Lisle, IL., and Westmont, IL. You will discuss prior to adoption with the foster home and/or our Heartworm Coordinator about the process and location. 

* TNT Adoptable Great Danes  

All TNT adoptable Great Danes will or have received Gastropexy Surgery. This is an elective surgery that helps prevent Bloat, a life-threatening condition in which the stomach fills with air (dilitation) and twists upon itself (volvulus). It occurs most commonly occurs in large breed, deep-chested dogs, and the #1 breed it effects most are Great Danes. This surgery typically costs dog owners anywhere from $800-$1200. We want to give our Great Danes the best chance at living a happy, healthy, long life with their new furever families!! Here is a link for more information about Gastropexy Surgery & Bloat:


**Please Note**


 *Tiny N Tall rescues dogs in need from many areas such as, but not limited to:

Our out-of-state rescue partners, breeder releases, county animal controls throughout the state of IL and surrounding states, humane societies throughout the state of IL and surrounding states, and owner surrenders.

*Tiny N Tall Rescue makes no warranty as to the temperament, or physical condition of the Adoptee, and cannot guarantee or make claim as to the breed or genealogy of the Adoptee. The Adoptee is being adopted AS IS. The adopting party acknowledges that although the adopted pet has received medical attention as well as temperament testing, TNT cannot guarantee and make no claims to the temperament, breed or geneology, or behavior of the adopted pet, nor is the pet guaranteed to be free of any unforeseen illnesses, genetic or health defects. This animal is adopted in AS IS condition


*We work hard to process adoption application in a timely manner. If there is a delay in getting in contact with you, your vet and/or personal references in a timely manner, this will delay your application process.


 *We do NOT guarantee the dog you applied for will still be available by the time your application is approved, especially if there is a delay in processing your application. 

Once you have submitted your adoption application, we will begin to process it as soon as possible!
We have a wonderful team of volunteers who help process all of the applications. Please remember that they are volunteers, and to please be patient. If you have not heard from us after 5 days of submitting your application, please email to verify we have received your application. 
Thank you for applying to adopt with Tiny N Tall Rescue!

***We reserve the right to deny any adoption application for any reason we see necessary.  If your application is denied we will contact you.***